Meet Marcia Byrd, M.D.

Marcia Byrd, M.D., Lipedema Specialist in Atlanta

Marcia V. Byrd, M.D.

Dr. Marcia Byrd is the Medical Director and founder of Lipedema Surgery Center. As a leading lipedema expert, Dr. Byrd is dedicated to accurately diagnosing  lipedema and successfully treating patients who have this debilitating disease.  Lipedema is a disorder that often goes undiagnosed by many physicians because they have not become educated about the disease. They often just tell their patients to just lose weight!

That is not Dr. Byrd’s approach. She will offer you hope and direction on how to treat your fat disease. She is compassionate with comprehensive support and guidance. As she says, “Lipedema is not your fault”. She bases her approach on the latest scientific advances and treats lipedema with tumescent liposuction and reduction surgery.

What She Offers You for Lipedema

  • Specialized Expertise in treating lipedema from its earliest, hard to diagnose stage to the most advanced stages.
  • Precise, accurate, in-Person diagnosis of lipedema in order to rule out other conditions such as lymphedema, so you can begin the right treatment properly.
  • Experience – Dr. Byrd has successfully treated thousands of complicated cases with WAL Liposuction surgery.
  • Advanced Treatment Options including care coordination, nutrition guidance, and physical therapy.

Training and Experience

Dr. Byrd has performed thousands of lipedema surgeries over her 30 year career.  Her experience in liposuction techniques include lymph-sparing WAL (Water-Assisted Liposuction) techniques. Her skills and success in treating this disease make her one of the most sought after lipedema surgeons in the country.

She has trained with Dr. Josef Stutz of Germany, the world-renowned authority on Lipedema liposuction. Internationally, she has apprenticed with some of the world’s leading aesthetic surgeons, including Dr. Giorgio Fischer, Rome, Italy, one of the creators of liposuction, Dr. Roger Amar of Marbella, Spain, who developed the FAMI procedure and Dr. Pierre Fournier of Paris, France, the father of aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Marcia Byrd holds a medical degree from the University of South Alabama Medical College and trained in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of South Alabama Medical Center. As a long-time advocate for the Lipedema community, and a regular presenter at Fat Disorders Research Society (FDRS), she is passionately dedicated to treating Lipedema sufferers throughout the United States and abroad.

Dr. Byrd has found that helping lipedema patients to be the most rewarding experiences, not only in her career, but in her life. Dr. Marcia Byrd explains, “Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see the smile that a patient gives me after having had lipedema surgery. For many of my patients it’s a life-changing experience and a great confidence booster, and I’m so happy that I am able to do this for them.