Lipedema in Upper Arms

Lipedema armsLipedema in arms can occur in 50% to 80 % of women who have lipedema elsewhere in their bodies. As many as 20 million women in the US have lipedema. Lipedema usually affects the calves, legs, thighs, and hips. However, some patients may also be affected in their trunk and arms.

Brachioplasty for Lipedema in Arms

While the loose skin on the upper arms is known to be unattractive, it can also be symptomatic of an underlying genetic, hormonal issue known as lipedema. Dr. Marcia Byrd is very experienced in identifying lipedema in arms and treating it with surgical skin tightening and fat removal methods. Many people (mostly women) who have lipedema go undiagnosed or dismissed by other doctors as being overweight or obese. Unfortunately, this is a disservice to about 30% of the people with lipedema.

The fluctuations of fat gained and lost or varying levels of swelling takes its toll on the upper arm skin. Lipedema dramatically changes the appearance, texture, mobility, and vascular health of the arm.

Lymphatic Sparing Arm Lift

Dr. Byrd will use water-assisted liposuction (WAL) to gently withdraw the fat from the area. Just like a cosmetic arm lift, the incision will be placed from the elbow to all the way to the underarm. Then, Dr. Byrd will take off the redundant skin and make every effort to ensure that your incisions are small and as inconspicuous as possible. However, it will most likely leave a visible scar. Once the skin is tightened, it will be sutured back into place, bandaged, and wrapped in a compression garment.

Lipedema in arms, is very noticeable, can be mentally and physically challenging (not to mention, painful). Left untreated, your health will only get worse and progress to the next stage. In advanced stages, it can become very difficult to see results from treatment.

If you would like to know more about lipedema, please call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Marcia Byrd today. She is an excellent and experienced surgeon who will walk you through the diagnostic process.