Miss-Diagnosis of Lipedema

It is estimated that only 5% to 10% of US Doctors are aware of the fat disease lipedema. Most women reported on the frustration of decades of describing their symptoms to numerous health care professionals only to have their concerns brushed aside. This led to a failure to obtain an early diagnosis and lost opportunity to obtain advice and treatment in the early stages. Consistent lack of diagnosis can also lead to emotional problems and loss of self-esteem, especially as it was often inferred that the patient’s lifestyle may have caused lipedema.

The only way to properly diagnose lipedema is to have a trained physician, like Marcia Byrd, MD. Most physicians are not comfortable diagnosing and treating lipedema. Those physicians often diagnose this fat disease as obesity and the inability for their patient to control their eating. Dr. Byrd has diagnosed and  thousands of women with having lipedema. She understands the emotional pain as well as physical pain women experience.

It’s Not Normal Fat

diagnosing lipedemaLipedema fat is different than normal fat.. Fat accumulation associated with being overweight is smooth with a rubbery texture. Lipedema fat is marble-like, knotty, or feels like little pearls to the touch. Lipedema specialists like Dr. Byrd will specifically look for certain lipedema traits, such as location and composition.. Normal fat can be treated with diet and exercise. Lipedema fat is unaffected from either of these. Over time, the fat deposits become worse, and patients can experience discomfort and pain, which can range from none to severe.

Women who are experiencing an abnormal amount of fatty buildup, particularly in their lower extremities or upper arms, should seek expert advice and get a confirmed diagnosis from a lipedema specialist like Dr. Byrd..

Lipedema Diagnosis

The diagnosis of lipedema is made based on a clinical evaluation from Dr. Byrd who has specific knowledge and experience of the disease in combination with supporting tests that rule out other diagnoses..  It takes an expert to recognize it, and Dr. Byrd is such an expert. Many of her referrals come from physicians all over the country who has learned of her excellent diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Lipedema is not a rare condition, but the diagnosis is rarely made. Being able to accurately confirm the of characteristic features of lipedema and the elimination of other conditions that can be confused with lipedema is the key to the proper diagnosis..

Symptom Checker

  • Lower body disproportionally larger
  • Fatter legs and hips compared to upper body
  • symmetrical swelling on both sides of your body (both sides of the body are affected equally
  • Your hands and feet do not appear to be affected.
  • Loose, floppy connective tissue around the knee joints.
  • The fat on your lower body looks like cellulite – lumpy. Does the fat feel soft?
  • Pain and tenderness and spontaneous bruising in the affected areas.
  • Fat swells more in hotter weather
  •  Upper arms also appear disproportionately fatter
  • Skin in the affected areas appears pale and feels cold

Dr. Marcia Byrd and Lipedema Surgery Center is totally dedicated to lipedema diagnosis and treatment. She and her experienced staff will help you every step of the way in your journey of combating this disease. Contact us now to set up an in-person or virtual consultation with Dr. Byrd. 770-587-1711