Dry Brushing and Lipedema

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Helps move venous blood
  • Exfoliate and invigorate the skin
  • Improves surface circulation
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Skin will look and feel healthier

Marcia V. Byrd, M.D. is the Medical Director of The Lipedema Surgery Center.. Dr. Byrd is a pioneer in in the treatment of lipedema. For more information about The Lipedema Surgery Center click here.

Dry Brushing and LipedemaUnderstanding the Lymphatic System

The fluid that circulates within the system is called lymph. It is derived from blood plasma, although clearer and more watery, and lymph seeps through capillary walls to fill tissue spaces. Besides lymph, the lymphatic system includes lymphatic capillaries, larger vessel lymph nodes, glands, spleen, tonsils, and thymus.

The lymphatic system is a major part of the body’s immune system. It is made up of organs and lymph nodes, ducts and vessels that transport lymph throughout the body. Many of these lymph vessels run just below the skin and proponents of dry brushing claim that brushing the skin regularly helps to stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body so that it can detoxify itself naturally. Benefits include:

  • Filters disease-causing organisms
  • Manufactures white blood cells
  • Generates antibodies
  • Distributes fluids and nutrients
  • Drains excess fluids and proteins left behind by capillary circulation preventing tissue swelling
  • Provides the means for each cell to eliminate waste

Lymph and lymphatic vessels come into much more intimate relationships with metabolic tissues than blood. However, unlike the blood system which utilizes the heart as a pump, the lymph system, like veins, relies on skeletal muscle contractions to pump its components.


How to Dry Brush

  • Use the brush dry and not with water. Patients will not get the same benefits if the skin or brush is wet.
  • Use long gentle firm strokes – the idea is to stimulate, not to irritate the skin.
  • Cover all surfaces front and back (except the face).
  • Start at the feet and brush up towards the knees, groin, abdomen, and chest.
  • Brush the hands down to the armpits and the buttocks up to the back.

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