Hard to Diagnosis

Lipedema, It’s not your fault! Lipedema is a lymphatic disease that is thought to affect 10 to 17 million people in America, mostly women. Exact patient estimates are not available because it’s hard to diagnose. In fact, many lipedema patients don’t even know they have it. Neither do their physicians, who often assume their patients are obese. Plus, doctors often confuse lipedema with lymphedema — a prevalent lymphatic disease that presents similar symptoms.

Many women think their abnormal fat is their fault. Tree trunk-like legs and a slim upper body are the signature characteristic of a lipedema patient. These women feel extreme guilt as they desperately try to lose weight by eating the right thing and exercising without any result. Most women don’t know there’s nothing you can do to remove lipedema fat by yourself.

Marcia Byrd, MD Offers Hope for Lipedema Ladies

When Dr. Byrd has her initial consultation, either in person or in a virtual consultation, she consoles her patients, and repeated tells them that having lipedema is not their fault. Because she has treated and helped thousands of lipedema ladies, she offers assurance that she will help them get their life back!.

Comments From Some of Dr. Byrd’s Patients

Sept, 2021

Lipedema, It's not your faultI had my phone consult with Dr. Byrd on 7/7/21 and started a new job exactly one month later. Effective November 1st, my new BC/BS insurance kicks in and I can start building a file to support my treatment plan for surgery with Dr. Byrd.
I dream of the day when my legs won’t ache while lying in bed or when I can get up from a chair with ease and no pain. Depression from intense discomfort and body Dysmorphia has been my secret that I numb with Zoloft, Ibuprophen and Prayer.
We are blessed to have each other in these support groups as well as the passionate doctors such as Dr. Byrd, who is a leader in surgically removing this toxic fat from our bodies to give us a better quality of life. I am grateful for all of you ladies.

November, 2020

I researched all the types of liposuction used for Lipedema and read up on all the doctors I could find.  I used the search function on all the groups I had joined.  During my research I kept getting drawn back to Dr. Marcia Byrd’s clinic.  I have always trusted my intuition so I knew this was the direction I needed to go.
As soon as the Byrd Lipedema Surgery Center in Roswell GA reopened after 2020 lockdown I called for a new patient package.  I got all the photos and forms returned and 2 weeks later had my initial phone consultation.  There was a new peace in my soul to hear a doctor tell me that there was a real reason why my legs were so large and that it wasn’t my fault and that she could help me.

Feb., 2022

Lipedema, it's not your faultI just had to share my gratitude ! I travel for work, but haven’t had major trips since Covid. This week was my first big trip. I had to go to Houston, San Antonio, Jacksonville and Orlando in 4 days. 😳 before my surgeries, I would have been in searing pain all week. I usually cried in my hotel room each night after a long day.

But this time, I was pain free!! I walked all around the airports like it was nothing! My legs & feet didn’t swell! It was so amazing! Dr Byrd has given me my life back! I still have a few surgeries left, but my life is forever changed! ❤️❤️








Lipedema, It’s Not Your Fault!

These are just a few of the patients who have commented on Dr. Byrd’s compassion, care as well as the remarkable results she accomplished for them. To read more testimonials from more of her patients visit https://lipedemaliposuctioncenter.com/testimonials/
The Lipedema Surgery Center is committed to caring for patients before, during, and after visiting our facility in Roswell, GA. If you think you have lipedema, or have been diagnosed with lipedema, take the first step. Call Dr. Marcia Byrd’s office and schedule a consultation. You will be in the BEST hands!