Lipedema Joint complicationsLipedema joint complications often occur in Dr. Byrd’s patients that suffer from lipedema. Often  joint pain occurs in the hips, knees, and ankles due to the excessive weight of fat and fluid accumulation. Over a period of time, normal posture is compromised as the body attempts to adjust to a more comfortable position when walking or at rest. This abnormal adjustment places pressure on the joints and soft tissue resulting in pain with inflammation.

Marcia V. Byrd, M.D. is the Medical Director of The Lipedema Surgery Center.  Dr. Byrd is a pioneer in the treatment of lipedema and has performed thousands of lipedema surgeries. For more information about The Lipedema Surgery Center click here.

Common Symptoms

  • Feeling of heaviness in the legs
  • Swollen legs caused by long periods of standing or sitting
  • Painful knees
  • Considerable pain in the legs
  • Painful sensitivity to the touch
  • Lymph blockage that leads to a hardening of tissue (induration)
  • Degenerative changes in the joints due to wrongly placed stress and excess weight

Lipedema Joint Complications Treatment

Surgical treatment that are successful in treating lipedema by reducing the build-up of fatty tissue associated with lipedema are Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) and  Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction (WAL). These procedures can be an effective treatment with good results, but several separate operations may be necessary to remove the fat from the different parts of your body.

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